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British Arrow (BTAA), Campaign, Shots and Da&d award winning series



The Sunday Times - 'Forever Unquiet Film Series' is a series of 10 films made by some of the top film makers in the UK - each illustrating an aspect of this seminal publication. For my film - 'Photojournalism', I was given exclusive access to the world famous

photographic archives. I selected 13 seminal images that each told an incredible story in their own right, but when placed together told a story of something bigger, something incredibly powerful about the human condition.


It was very important to me that we experience these incredible, captured moments just as the photographer did. Therefore we created invisible 3D geometry and ‘projected’ the images on these VFX environments, allowing us to impossibly move through each photograph as they animate in extreme slow motion, allowing us to inhabit that split second in time.

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